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 How Does it work?

To use, simply fill your scoot-flask with your favorite 2-stroke oil.

When you are ready to fuel up your vintage moped/scooter fill your tank with the amount of gas that matches the scale on the bottle.

Follow the scale for recommended oil to add to your ride.

Squeeze bottle to fill built in measuring cup. Poor oil in gas.

If you know the amount of gas you will need before fueling up, such as 1 gallon of gas.  You can go ahead and squeeze out the correct amount of oil and pour into the tank then fill the tank with  recommended amount of gas.  This helps mix the gas and oil together.

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I love my vintage Vespas but mixing the right amount of two-stroke oil when fueling up was a pain and sometimes confusing.  So confusing, I ended up mixing my own gas and 2-stroke oil in a gas can and filling up my scoot at home.  If I wanted to go on a long ride I would have to remember to lug around some 2-stroke oil and a measuring cup. This always ended with a oily mess and  me feeling unsure if I mixed my  fuel correctly. 

Vintage two stroke motors have been around for a long time and people have been using this same clunky methods to mix their gas and oil.  

After some research I was unable to find a solution to my oil mixing woes. I decided to put together a tool that makes riding and refueling a simple and fun task. I call it Scoot-Flask.  Scoot-Flask  is a measuring bottle with a mix ratio chart on it.  Scoot-Flask lets you take your favorite 2-stroke oil anywhere your scoot can go and allows you to accurately measure your gas/oil mix without making a oily mess! 

 Do yourself a favor and stop making oily messes, Get a Scoot-Flask.  

 2-Stroke mixing bottle
gas pump2
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About the creator

Michael Swart is a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, guitar amplifier designer, inventor, family man, and a interesting person to have a drink with if your into that..

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Get your very own Scoot-Flask shipped to your door for only $15.

Customers outside the USA contact me and I will figure up your best shipping options.

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